Capital Assets & Real Estate

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CARE provides strategic and comprehensive real estate services and management that align with and support the university’s strategic plan and institutional goals, while at the same time giving consideration to the economic development and engagement activities coordinated with the university’s leadership. Important to the success of the university’s real estate development is the unit’s role in liaising and collaborating with facilities planning and academic and administrative units to ensure critical communication and coordination.

Included in the services are negotiations for acquisitions, leasing, property management, developing agreements for facility use, easements, collaboration on development projects and general disposition for university and real estate foundation holdings.

CARE takes great pride in its work to ensure the university’s real estate needs are met in order to carry out its mission as the premier urban, public research university in Virginia, and provide for future growth and expansion of the university.

Please let us know how we can help make your job easier and coordinate your off-campus space requirements. If you have questions or concerns or need information, we are here to help.


CARE negotiates real estate transactions and oversees the administrative management of the transactions and aspects of the university's real estate portfolio management, providing services to VCU for all of the following type matters:

  • Acquisition
  • Sales
  • Disposition
  • Commercial leasing
  • Property management
  • General support and consultation for university real estate needs and development
  • Maintenance of real estate records
  • Lease administration, audit and analysis
  • Residential leasing for visiting faculty and students, including VCUarts Qatar
  • Management and disposition of real estate gifts
  • Easements
  • Access and license agreements

CARE focuses on the use of best practices in its management activities and is always open to innovative ideas to best meet the strategic objectives of the university whether for university matters or those of the VCU Board of Visitors or the VCU Real Estate Foundation as applicable.

CARE Facts
  • Approximately 765 acres owned by VCU
  • Monroe Park Campus: 94 acres
  • MCV Campus: 53 acres
  • Virginia BioTechnology Research Park: 35 acres
  • VCU Rice Center: 494 acres
  • Hanover Farm: 89 acres
Jeffery Kidd

Assistant Vice President for Capital Assets & Real Estate

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Karl Saimre


 (757) 206-3455

Larry Medina

Assistant Director

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Clarissa Laws

Asset Manager, Leasing

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Debra Montgomery

Records Analyst

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