Capital Assets & Real Estate



Contact the University Planner in Facilities Planning and Design by calling (804) 828-7008.

Contact Laura Vtipil, Real Estate Manager, in Real Estate Services by calling (804) 828-0004.

CARE will contact the individual program with available renewal options that may be specified in the lease or with viable alternative options that can be negotiated to meet the needs of end user. Notification terms may range from 30 days to 12 months, depending upon the lease and landlord.

If your program is expanding and there is a need for additional space, the first step is to complete the online space request form, along with any necessary approvals. CARE can then determine if additional space is available in the existing location or if alternative solutions can be secured.

Complete the online space request form, along with any necessary approvals. CARE will work with you to identify alternate locations, explain relocation and set up expenses relocation.

If your program elects to terminate their lease obligation at any time other than natural lease expiration, you must contact CARE immediately. The lease is a legally binding agreement, and you may not simply vacate the space. CARE will review the lease terms along with the circumstances of your program or department to determine what options may be available. It is not always possible to terminate leases during the lease period or term.

No, all lease negotiations must be conducted byCARE. There is no delegated authority for real estate leasing or any other real estate transaction. No threshold limits apply, and there are no circumstances where CARE would delegate lease negotiations.

CARE makes all rental payments on behalf of the programs, utilizing the programs specified Banner index number. Notify Will Martin, by calling (804) 828-4418 or emailing at, of new or changed Banner index numbers immediately.

Contact CARE if you have a question or concern about a rental charge that appears on a financial report. Notify Will Martin, by calling (804) 828-4418 or emailing at, of new or changed Banner index numbers immediately.

All modifications to a leased space such as moving walls, modifying electrical, plumbing or ventilation, painting or re-carpeting, etc., must have the prior approval of the landlord. Under no circumstances should the VCU tenant pay outside contractors directly for construction work or perform the work themselves. Reconfiguring furniture, moving telecommunications, hanging pictures or projector screens and other similar changes do not require landlord approval. If in doubt about how to proceed, contact CARE.


VCU considers property acquisitions consistent with the VCU 2020 Master Site Plan.

Timing depends on the circumstances of the property, funding and use.

Property Management

CARE physically inspects each building periodically to identify potential structural problems and evaluate the condition of all mechanical systems and other building components. These inspections help identify potential problems, which are then prioritized based on urgency.

Contact Will Martin, Senior Real Estate Manager, by calling (804) 828-4418, or emailing

Contractors interested in working with the VCU Real Estate Foundation must be licensed and provide proof of insurance. Please direct all inquiries to Mitzi Lee, Director, by calling (804) 828-9177, or emailing

On the Monroe Park Campus, contact Margaret Kelland, by calling (804) 828-7269. For the MCV Campus, contact Clarissa Schick at (804) 828-7248.